Our Story

He was the best man I have ever known.  Intelligent, insightful, passionate, Bill Holcomb  -- known to his friends as ‘Wild Bill’ – was my grandfather.  Wild Bill was a unique individual, always placing his family first. Growing up, beer cheese was always a staple in the Holcomb household. Every year, you could always count on Wild Bill Holcomb to have 50 pounds of beer cheese ordered. The whole family was set for months.  Unfortunately, the people that made our favorite beer cheese stopped all production in 2012. That’s when I knew it was time to create something special.

And so it began.  Month after month, I shoehorned experiments to create a beer cheese unlike any other. Creating the perfect concoction became an obsession. Perfectly balanced, not too spicy (but spicy enough), not too sweet (but just sweet enough), with a texture that couldn’t be duplicated. 

Wild Bill was always slow to show emotion, but not the moment that he tried my new creation. His face lit up with immediate satisfaction and I knew that I had made him proud. To my devastation, Bill Holcomb passed in August of 2015. 

Years passed, I changed jobs, got married, and had kids. I found myself with more time on my hands. Family and friends were still requesting batches of beer cheese and I would make them in my spare time; giving containers for special occasions and as Christmas gifts. I knew that it was destined for something bigger, so in 2022, I made the decision to create my own brand of beer cheese. What better memorial to my grandfather than to name my beer cheese that was inspired by such an incredible man? 

Eventually, my good friend Mike Tackett – a beer cheese  afficionado himself --  joined my quest. Slowly, methodically, we combined recipes and created another incredible flavor.  Even my family – Wild Bill’s family – agree the match is perfection, just as Bill would have wanted.

Now, you too can experience the unique blend of  “the best beer cheese in KY”  You can be part of the extended Wild Bill’s Beer Cheese family.  Partake and enjoy;  Wild Bill would be pleased!